1. Pricing

The price depends on the complexity of the product, its materials, lifestyle setting or other aspects. The approximate pricing ranges are defined below.

1.1 Packaging Visualization: Starting at $19.

1.2 Product Visualization: Starting at $39 depending on the complexity. Currently the average project price is around $80 and rarely goes higher than $150.

NOTE: Not all products are easy enough and reasonable for 3D graphics – but most of them are. In case the task is not a good fit –
I’ll advise you to take the photography route.

1.3 Lifestyle Visualization: Starting at $15 per 1 image.

Would like to know your personal price? Get in touch and I will reply within 24 hours.

2. Revisions

I offer free revisions until you are satisfied. Please mind the following exceptions and terms:

2.1 The revision cannot contain the products or requirements that hasn’t been included into the initial quote. Any extra work is paid depending on complexity.

2.2 The number of images is defined in the quote, along with a short description. Additional renderings are paid extra (new angles, colors, etc), that is $10 per 1 extra white-background image and $15 or more extra for 1 lifestyle image.

NOTE: The prices may differ if the image is a composition (several angles in one image, with texts or other 2D elements).

3. How To Pay

3.1 I accept payments through PayPal and Payoneer.

3.2 Before starting on your project I will ask you to make a 50% deposit payment. You will find the payment link in your personal quote.

4. Refund

I offer full refund in case you don’t like the result. Please mind the following terms and exceptions:

4.1 The refund request may only be made on the first watermarked delivery, that is before the second payment is made, or before the revisions are requested and made. The payment cannot be reverted If the watermarked images are verbally approved and the second payment is recieved.

4.2 I reserve the right to reject the refund request if it was caused by new requirements, that were not included into the initial quote.